Popcorn Pilow | Passo a passo para aprender os detalhes

Popcorn Pillow is a popcorn berry style media pillow. It is a form of media design made of sturdy fabric, and it is extremely soft and comfortable. It has a simple popcorn-shaped casing capsule on its surface that makes it very cool visually.

The inner part of the Popcorn Pillow is made of fine fabric, which is soft and breathable. It is filled with low-density foam, making it extremely soft and comfortable. It has a removable cover that is also easily washable. The popcorn style capsule makes us unique, cool and extremely cool.

Popcorn Pillow | What are your origins

The Popcorn Pillow is a relatively new creation of comfort products, an invention envisioned to replace the old pillow-shaped popcorn buckets. The product was initially designed by the company Pepperfry, which sought to bring new styles and functionality to pillows for home use. The Popcorn Pillow quickly became popular with consumers for its light weight, cushioned feel and ability to conform to the body.

The Popcorn Pillow was designed specifically for home use, for those who appreciate having a lightweight version of the regular pillow. The pillow contains a micro powder foam interior and a fabric outer layer that is more breathable than most pillows. This pillow combination makes the pillow extremely comfortable and temperature controllable.

The Popcorn Pillow was also developed to meet the special needs of a certain group. Many passengers find it difficult to endure the stiff buckets of popcorn in their attire for airplane or car journeys. The Popcorn Pillow, which was designed for more than just pillows for lounging varieties, then became the perfect travel advisor.

Other users have found comfort and peace of mind when using the Popcorn Pillow. When lying on the pillow, they don’t have to worry about moving in bed, which can be uncomfortable. It not only fits the bed like traditional pillows, but also absorbs some of the moisture.

The Popcorn Pillow has quickly become an icon of luxury and comfort. Nowadays, there are varied colors and styles available to choose from, making it the perfect accessory for the bed and other furniture. Their satisfied customers make Popcorn Pillow a luxury and stylish choice for any setting.

Popcorn Pillow | step by step to do

1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric to the desired size for your pillow.

2. Topstitch fabric edges to prevent fraying.

3. Fold the fabric in half with the right side to the inside.

4. Pin around the fabric to maintain the fold.

5. Sew around the pillow leaving about 1 cm of space between the seam and the edges.

6. Sew the rest of the pillow, except for a gap in the center of the pillow.

7. Open the pillow and fill it with popcorn seeds.

8. Close the cushion opening with double rows of stitching, leaving a small gap open for air to enter.

9. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cushion so that an air valve can be placed.

10. Secure the air valve to the cushion using a spring.

11. Place the pad in a cool, shaded place to make it last longer.

Popcorn Pillow | benefits and advantages

1. One of the main advantages of the Popcorn pillow is its high support capacity. Its high-performance memory foam is designed to provide exceptional support, help properly align the spine and maintain posture in top condition.

2. The memory foam coexists with body temperature, allowing the pillow to adapt to your body, maintaining a high support capacity for all sizes.

3. The Popcorn pillow is anti-allergenic and hypoallergenic, it is easy to clean and does not retain bacteria, dust mites, dust and other allergens.

4. The Popcorn pillow is designed to breathe, keeping the temperature stable and allowing air to circulate smoothly through the pillow.

5. Memory foam is insensitive to moisture. Therefore, the Popcorn pillow is also ideal for use in humid climates.

6. Lightweight, soft and pliable, the Popcorn pillow is super easy to carry and can provide excellent support at any time.

Final considerations

The Popcorn Pillow is a great choice for those looking for a luxurious, comfortable and ergonomic pillow. It offers a modern and contemporary design that fits easily into any bedroom decor, whether traditional or modern.

In addition, it is built with materials of exceptional quality and with exclusive technology that guarantees support and a relaxing sleep.

It can be found in various comfort positions throughout long nights of sleep. It’s arranged in two layers of popcorn crumbs that are inviting and soft to rest tired shoulders. It is also ideal for both home and travel use.

Ultimately, it’s a great investment for anyone looking for a luxury pillow that offers long-lasting comfort and support for a great night’s sleep.

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