The Art of Quilt Block Quilting: How to Create Amazing Quilted Projects

Quilt block quilting is a unique way to make beautiful and creative quilts. It involves piecing together quilt blocks into a quilt top to create a stunning design. Quilt blocks are often based off of traditional quilt patterns and incorporate all kinds of colors and patterns. By learning the basics of quilt block quilting, you […]

Patchwork: Create Your Own Unique Quilts Using These DIY Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the art of creating patchwork quilts! Patchwork quilts offer a great way to express yourself through the use of fabric and stitching. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled quilt-maker, these DIY tips and tricks will help you make your own unique quilt that you will treasure for years to come. At […]

Duck Tracks Quilt

The Duck Tracks Quilt is a unique piece of folk art created by the Minnesota-based quilters group, the Black Walnut Quilting Club. It is an example of a traditional barn-raising quilt, or a quilt that is made up of many smaller blocks that are sewn together to create a larger whole. The quilt features an […]

How to Make a Beautiful Autumn Splendor Quilt

Quilters of all levels can make a beautiful Autumn Splendor quilt with a few basic supplies and a little bit of time. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this easy quilt will become a seasonal favorite that you can display year after year. The classic quilt pattern features three different blocks in a diamond […]

Free Quilt Block Pattern | See here for details

A Quilt Block Pattern is a free template for creating a square or block quilt. The quilt block varies in size, shape, and degree of difficulty depending on the project. These blocks are often used in quilts or rugs and eces to create dotted or geometric patterns. Many projects and designs are free to download […]

Tablerunner | Step by step to do it yourself

A table runner is a decorative style table runner that extends the length of the table surface and helps to enhance the aesthetic appearance. The table runner can be made from materials such as cotton, wool, linen, jute, embroidery, lace, printed fabric, satin and suede. Some people also use colored vinyl based fabrics. Often decorated […]

Cold Quilt | Step by step to make

Cold Quilt is a technical earth construction that is made in such a way as to avoid heat loss, preventing energy savings. This technique involves torching metal structures filled with insulating materials, used in conjunction with an external building wrap. This technology choice is often used in colder climate areas to improve energy efficiency and […]

Candy Star Mini | How to do it – See the step by step here

Candy Star Mini is a competitive board game for two or more people aged 6 and up. The objective is to join the five pieces of each color, earning points for doing so. All players start by placing their five pieces on the board. The first link in their chains is torn off and thrown […]

Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial

Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial is a simple guide that teaches you how to create a beautiful gift bag using fabric, ribbon and other materials. This bag is great for gifts and can also be used to store items such as adornments, toys, clothing and accessories. The tutorial covers everything from buying fabric to cutting and […]

Kisses Quilt Patchwork | Learn how to do it here with a beautiful step by step

Kisses Quilt Patchwork is a modern patchwork technique created by designer Carolyn Friedlander. This technique is designed to create single heart hugs, kisses and hearts, and is extremely easy to learn. The technique works by using two different sizes of patchwork blocks placed side by side to form a patchwork blush. Pattern is added by […]