Crocodile stitch crochet baby boots | see how to

Crocodile Crochet Stitch Baby Booties are a fun way to keep your baby’s feet warm and comfortable. These little booties were designed to keep those soft, precious feet warm and safe any time of the year. These booties are knitted with the jagged characteristic of the famous crocodile stitch. The finish puts the edge of the braid to give it a lovely and graceful look.

The crocodile stitch works by creating triangular teeth in the fabric as you work along the length of the braid. It is one of the most successful knitting techniques due to the resistance, beauty and quality of the fabric. When woven with a crocodile stitch, it produces a unique looking quilted fabric.

These crochet baby booties are made using thread in multiple colors to create a fun and trendy look. The booties have elastic bands around the ankles to keep the booties in place even when your baby has them around.

Crocodile stitch crochet baby boots | what is your origin

The crocodile stitch was invented by Robyn Chachula and first became popular in 2008. She started using the stitch to create booties for babies, and it soon became popular among crocheters. Crocodile stitch is created by opening loops in another way, giving your work a unique textured look.

It’s a great stitch for baby crafts like booties, hats, blankets and more. From there, the Crocodile stitch spread far and wide, being used in accessories, jewelry, home decor and more.

What are the benefits of doing

The advantages of using the Crocodile Stitch technique to weave baby booties are immense. This technique uses a single thread – and its rotating motions – to produce tall, strong seams. It also creates elegant detailing, especially when paired with wools of different colors.

Plus, it’s ideal for creating safe and comfortable baby booties, as the fabric made with this particular pattern expands to adjust to baby’s movements. For these reasons, it is one of the best knitting techniques for making baby shoes.

What are the main models?

The main models of crochet booties for babies made with crocodile stitch are:

1. Baby clothes boots with pompom: This model has a simple boot design with a detail on the ankles in the form of pompoms.

2. Bunny Ear Booties: This is a baby bootie version with bunny ears sewn in at the top.

3. Mary-Jane Shoes: Sneakers made with crocodile stitch, reminiscent of Princess Mary Jane’s shoes, which have a detail at the top of the mouth made with chains and a fish tail.

4. Beaded Sneakers: Sneakers made with crocodile stitch, with fringes, which add a warm air to the shoes.

5. Crochet Sneakers: A classic version of baby’s Sneakers, with a buckle detail on the front and made using the crochet technique.

Crocodile stitch crochet baby boots | step by step to do

To start, you need some suitable yarn or yarn, a suitable crochet hook and a pair of baby bootie patterns.

1. Start with a chain of 12 chains.

2. Duplicate the last chain and knit a single crochet in all chains.

3. Continue the process of knitting single crochets in all chains except the last chain. Knit two single crochets in the last chain.

4. Double the last chain again and knit a single crochet in all chains.

5. Repeat the previous steps, working single crochets in all chains except the last chain. Knit two single crochets in the last chain.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, forming an inverted sole.

7. Join the last chain with the first single crochet, creating a circle.

8. Knit two or three chains and knit a chain of 12 chains over the circle.

9. Insert crochet hook into the second single crochet lined up with the first single crochet you knitted, and knit two single crochets.

10. Repeat the process of knitting two single crochets into each single crochet around the edge.

11. Repeat step 8 and continue knitting with the base of crocodile stitch firm.

12. Continue knitting to the desired height and cut the thread.

13. Place the sole in the pattern and knit the sides of the shoe, joining the edges with single crochets.

14. Finish the details and, if desired, add straps to put on the shoes.

Final considerations

The Crocodile Stitch Crochet technique can be quite fun and creative to create cute and practical booties for your baby. There are a variety of amazing projects you can make using this technique. If you are using wool, you can create cute socks to wear in winter.

If you’re wearing mesh, there are fun character options for summer play. When working with this technique, be sure to check the instructions for starting and stopping correctly for ease and safety. Be patient when using this stitch as it requires a lot of finishing but also gives you a lot of creative freedom. Good luck and have fun!

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