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A Ripple blanket is a type of knitted blanket that has a pattern that resembles waves or wobbles. It is performed in a motif of three in three chains (three chains together) followed by three double crochets (three double crochets followed by three chains).

These patterns repeat every third row, creating a ripple pattern. This pattern is created through knitting and developed into different knitting projects. Ripple blankets are very common in American culture and are popular with those who knit as a hobby.

These blankets are mainly used during the cold months, helping people to stay warm. Ripple Blankets are also often used in gifts that are given on occasions like Christmas, birthdays, weddings and more.


Ripple Blanket | what is your origin

The Ripple Blanket (or throw blanket) is a type of embroidered blanket characterized by sinuous and wavy lines. It is known for its versatility and subtlety.

Although the Ripple blanket has been known for a long time, it emerged as part of the craft revival trend in the United States during the mid-2000s. These blankets were designed as hand embroidery, with simple lines that superficially resemble waves, whips or laces. It is common to find them on sofa guards or at the head of beds.

Although the exact origin is unknown, it is widely accepted that this pattern dates back to colonial America, when it was used for home-made men’s trousseau. They were hand woven and embroidery was added to enrich and enhance the appearance.

As the 1980s arrived, Ripple blankets became popular with apparel manufacturers. Weavers began to use them to create dresses, coats and blouses.

Today, in addition to home furniture, Ripple blankets are used to dress beds, pillows and sweaters for all types of temperatures. They are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, making them both beautiful and versatile.

Ripple Blanket | step by step to do

1. Prepare 8mm knitting needles and note the number of rows to weave.

2. Pull assembly line taut and place eyelets on hook (if you like, you can also use an eye marker to mark the beginning of the row).

3. Weave half buckets during the first row and in the following eyes. Once you’ve made the last half stitch, make a half stitch and pull the row through the eyelets to finish.

4. Make three rows with half buckets in all eyes.

5. On the next row, make the “star beak” going to the left: Knit a half stitch, a double crochet, a half stitch and two half stitches in the next eye; repeat this for the next five rows.

6. For the next row, then make a “wave hem” going to the right. Again, weave a half stitch, a double crochet, a half stitch and two half stitches in the next eye; repeat this for the next five rows.

7. Repeat step 4 and steps 5 and 6 until the desired quilt size is finished.

8. Finish your quilt with a row of half stitches, a row of half stitches passing the stitch through the eyelets and finishing off the ends.

Ripple Blanket | What are your benefits

A ripple comforter has several benefits. It can give your bed the comforting look you want in a room, as well as warm the room with its cozy fabric. The ripple comforter can also help relieve stress, bringing you an improved deep sleep.

This duvet option also helps relieve any pressure on the shoulders of the bed, keeping your body off the floor, thus providing you with a good night’s restful sleep. An added advantage of the wave comforter is that it has an elegant and cozy look that adds charm to any bedroom.

Final considerations

The Ripple Blanket is a fun and affordable knitting project. Using the wave method, you can create knitting color patterns and even create drawing shapes. It’s a great project for someone new to knitting as it’s so simple and doesn’t require a lot of supplies.

Also, you can use different threads to create interesting texture and color. If you want to dig deeper, there are also many other advanced knitting projects you can try. Whatever your knitting skill level, be sure to follow the project guidelines correctly for a wonderful result. Good luck!

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