Teddy Bear Afghan Crochet | How to do it at home

A Teddy Bear Afghan Crochet is a crochet blanket made to look like a teddy bear. It is usually made of soft colored wool, with a small teddy bear face sewn onto the front. The rest of the “teddy bear” is the crochet pattern of flower designs. Generally, blanket measures about 81 cm x 101 cm. Blankets are often used as a lightweight infant blanket to keep them warm while watching TV or sleeping.

The Crochet Teddy Bear Afghans were patented by crochet designer, Gail Parenteau, in January 1987. One of the differences between this afghan is that it features teddy bear designs woven into the middle of the entire crochet chain, making it fun and happy.

The original pattern of these afghanos can vary, as the design can be adapted to the person’s tastes and style. It is also possible to create your own Afghan Teddy Bear crochet by modifying the size of the bear’s body or using other colors.

Teddy Bear Crochet Afghan | What are the benefits of doing

The teddy bear blanket is a fun way to add a rainbow of unique beauty to your home and is an incredibly fun crochet project for people of all crochet skills and experience. Creating a teddy bear blanket is a great stress reliever, offers numerous creative benefits, and is a great activity to take some time off to relax. Plus, those who love to crochet will find that creating a teddy bear blanket is a creative and unique way to add style and personality to your home decor.

In addition, there are numerous benefits to making a teddy bear blanket. It’s a great way to build crochet skills and learn new stitches, making this the perfect project for crochet beginners who are just starting their journey. People who have previous experience with basic crochet stitches will be able to improve their skills by creating this beautiful blanket.

The teddy bear is made entirely of basic crochet stitches, which is a great place to start a crochet project. You can also customize the teddy bear blanket however you like and choose any colors you want to create a unique and creative way to add style to your decor.

Another huge benefit to creating a teddy bear blanket is the fact that it’s an inexpensive project, costing less than $30 to create a blanket that can last for years if done right. Also, the teddy bear crochet project takes relatively little time to complete – probably between 4 to 8 hours.

Depending on your ability and crochet experience – and it’s a fun project that generates a lot of pride for those who completed it. It makes a great gift to give to friends and family as it is not only creative but also useful. A teddy bear blanket is essentially a ready-made piece of art that anyone would welcome to keep warm.


This crochet bear afghan is the perfect Pregu for any child. If you have no crochet experience, this is the perfect afghan to start with.


* 1 skein of yarn (keep colors as light as possible for bright colors)

* Crochet needle

* tapestry needle


1. Wrap the thread around your index finger or thumb to form a small loop.

2. Add three workspaces by passing the line around the loop.

3. Wrap the thread over itself to create a circle.

4. Wrap the thread around the circle twice, passing the thread in the back and pulling the thread to bring the threads through the formed circle.

5. Pull the thread to create a new loop.

6. Repeat step 4 and step 5 alternately to nail a circle.

7. Repeat step 6 7 more times.

8. Unwind the thread to form a new circle and wrap the thread around it.

9. Connect the new circle to the previous circle by repeating Steps 4 and 5.

10. To create the first circle, loop around the arrows created in the previous steps with four workspaces.

11. Repeat steps 10-12.

12. Insert 4 looped nodes into the circle to represent the bear’s eyes and mouth.

13. To make the bear’s nose, nail six bows to the side.

14. Continue with step 11 until you reach the desired size.

Final considerations

Teddy Bear Crochet Afghan is a great choice for anyone wanting a timeless keepsake. It’s versatile enough to add a fun touch to any living room or a kid’s bedroom. The rich tones are appealing without overpowering the room. It’s also extremely easy to customize by adding your own motifs or embroidery. When finished, the Teddy Bear Crochet Afghan is sure to serve as a beautiful and welcoming element anywhere.

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