Pocket shawl crochet ideas with step by step

The new style of staying warm with elegance makes it easy to style your looks with crochet! Crochet shawl options are amazing, and it has become increasingly necessary for the closet, especially on colder days.

With a crochet shawl you can easily add a touch of style to any casual look or rock it for more formal occasions. If you want to stand out and create your own crochet shawl, here are some great ideas to help you out. In this list you will find from simple and basic designs to fascinating and more challenging crochet fabrics.

Each of the models below can be produced in different ways, from colors, sizes to texture and finishes, just let your imagination go! You can also easily find everything you need to start working on these projects: recipes and step-by-step instructions.

Pocket shawl crochet ideas with step by step

1. Textile Oboí with Crocheted Flowers:

This superb piece has been specially designed to enhance the beauty of any dress. To create it, use a ball of white yarn and a golden needle nº 5mm.

Start by making a chain of 10 chains with which you will form the top circle, then continue working in a circle from the base rings.

To do this, use the single crochet technique (“half turn”, “half crochet”, “half crochet” and “double crochet”). To create the flower in each ring, use 3 chains, 4 half turns, 4 half double crochets, 6 half crochets and 2 loops. Use this model for a pusca rug!

2. The Checkered Pocket Shawl:

This spectacular piece highlights the interlocking triangular fabric and its vivid colors have a timeless design. To execute it, use a ball of black yarn and a golden needle nº 5mm.

Start with a chain of 10 chains to create the high circle and work through it using the double crochet technique to create the square.

Make the frames alternating high and low points to create the high graphic. The base graphic requires 5 double crochets in a row to create a square on one side, with each frame add one more double crochet, this creates a visually interesting effect. This crochet project delivers wonderful results!

3. The Rainbow Patchwork Pocket Shawl:

This piece features a mix of strong, vibrant colors that highlight its triangular shape. To create it, use a ball of multi-color yarn and a golden needle nº 5mm.

Start with a chain of 10 chains to create the tall circle. Then work into it using the single crochet technique to create a diameter. Make each circle in 4 different colors and combine them with splashes of different colors in each circle.

Chain 35 chains together to create the rainbow. Use larger circles to bring out the color, then work the spaces between them with single crochet and crest crochet. Your Patchwork Rainbow Pocket Shawl will look magnificent!

Pocket shawl crochet | benefits and advantages of learning

1. Crochet Shawl in an Hour – This simple and versatile crochet shawl recipe offers beautiful, luxurious, unique crochet work in about an hour. You’ll need a large skein of the finest yarn possible, sharp handles, and a G or H crochet hook to complete your work.

2. Semi-Circle Shaped Shawl – This semi-circle shaped shawl is the perfect recipe for anyone looking for an epic crochet job. This hands-on recipe helps you learn the shell crochet technique, which is the technology behind this beautiful half-round shawl.

3. Impactful Crochet Shawl – The Impactful Crochet Shawl brings a unique and luxurious style to your closet with its wavy wool heritage. This recipe offers finishing options for folding corners and giving your work a professional finish.

Benefits and advantages of learning to knit

1. A fun hobby: Learning to do the magic of knitting is a fun hobby that allows you to explore and express your creativity.

2. Freedom of choice: Knitting gives you the freedom to choose everything from a quality yarn to different and varied shades and shapes.

3. Allow to relax: Having such a fun hobby is extremely relaxing and cures day to day anxiety and worries.

4. Skill Development – Knitting is not only a fun skill, it also develops your hand skills, improves your ability to concentrate and helps with problem solving.

5. Money Saving – By learning to knit, you can save money by making knit items for yourself and others instead of buying them ready-made.

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